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The K & F Audit Company offers services in bookkeeping for enterprises of various sizes. The range of bookkeeping includes a complex takeover of accountancy from company outsourcing to standard bookkeeping of the main book and employee payments. Using our services, our Clients are fully guaranteed reliability and high quality standards. When cooperating with medium and large-size companies, we perform our services in their headquarters, thanks to which people managing these enterprises have unlimited access to the data and documents necessary for running the business. While dealing with small companies, we perform our services in our Company's headquarters in Warsaw and Cracow. If required, we offer access to the data on-line. The performance of our employees is monthly verified by our auditors.

The Company does not limit its services to bookkeeping only. Our clients are offered advisory services from our auditors, who actively assist in managing companies using their knowledge and experience.

Outsourcing may be based on SAP, JD Edwards, Symphony, CDN etc. programmes or the clients ones.

    Our services include:
  • Outsourcing
  • Tax services
  • Earnings and insurance accounts
  • Setting up companies and bookkeeping
  • Financial report according to Polish, American, German or international standards
  • Preparing and delivering reports on management accountancy and cost accounts for the Boards
  • Preparing a plan of accounts and internal control and document circulation systems
  • Tax planning (optimalisation)
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