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+48 602 446 992


  Advising on accountancy

The knowledge and experience of our auditors guarantee the highest quality of services connected with advances of accounting systems in companies. Our Company offers complex solutions in the accountancy field ranging from creating an account plan, considering each company's specification (managing style, organisational structure etc.) to creating a documentation system together with an internal control and management and financial reports. Additionally, our experts adjust international account plans to Polish conditions and vice versa. We also specialise in preparing these issues for Capital Groups as well as help in preparing consolidated financial statements and cash flow reports.

    Our services include:
  • Creating an account plan and a documentation system
  • Preparing and simplifying internal control
  • Introducing elements of management accountancy to the company
  • Preparing cost calculations for products and services
  • Assistance in preparing financial reports
  • Training and providing financial and accounting experts
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