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  Advising and assistance in taking over and merger

Due to the changes connected with market globalisation, there are numerous mergers and takeovers. The K & F Audit Company offers specialist services in financial and accounting advising, assisting our Clients in dealing with complicated merger and takeover transactions as well as conducts analyses preceding the purchase or takeover and advises on financial strategy. Having experienced it, it shows that although the takeover process is relatively fast, its second faze, organisational grouping, is a difficult and complicated process, which is why solving these problems is of great importance to us.

    Our services include:
  • Estimating companies
  • Conducting financial reports and a tax due diligence
  • Legal expertises in merger and takeover
  • Preparing a plan of a harmonised and consolidated accounting system
  • Seeking companies
  • Initial analysis of these companies for takeover purposes
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