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  Advising and tax reviewing

At all levels of economic activity, the Tax Team gives the Client professional advice on income tax on products and services, excise tax as well as duty fees and foreign trade. Our experts always take both the specification of certain issues and particular trades into consideration. We serve each size companies from small regional ones to international corporations.

In the contemporary economic conditions, companies tend to focus on their basic most profitable activity. Solving problems dealing with income tax on products and services, excise tax and duty fees is not included in the basic activity of trade and productive companies, therefore, they are not paid proper attention, whereas this issue is a priority for our panel of experts.

What differentiates our team from other teams working as advisory companies present in Poland is our employees and methods of work.

We are experts in the field of income tax, tax on products and services, excise tax as well as duty fees and foreign trade. A team of experts delegated to the realization of each task are both experienced in a certain field and fluent in the field of tax on products and services, excise tax, duty fees and foreign trade. In our Company, these features are linked with a revolutionary attitude and readiness for exchanging experiences and ideas.

    Our services include:
  • Making tax expertises
  • Conducting a tax due diligence
  • Preparing documentation on transfer prices
  • Preparing official statements for financial tax control as well as for tax procedure including questions and answers to the control protocol, and appeals, conclusions and complaints to the County Administrative Courts
  • Consultations to official statements written by the Client
  • Representing the Client to the tax office and The Supreme Administrative Court
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