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+48 602 446 992


  Advising on economical and financial issues

The economic advisory department services enable effective progress in the models of managing a company; therefore, they may be of unique value for companies operating in the conditions of fast market evolution, changing law and growing management demands.

Each problem is dealt with in the context of the whole company's system, thanks to which the solutions provided by us may function in the already existing model system, whereas their practical value may be guaranteed by tested methodologies used by our field experts. We assist our clients to concentrate on those areas of a company's activity which not only assure present benefits but also add values influencing the condition of the company in a broader perspective.

    Our services include:
  • Economic and financial expertises
  • Estimating companies according to accounting, profit, recreating and mixed methods
  • Advising and preparing business plans
  • Preparing cost plans and calculation costs for investment purposes as well as opinions on investment effectiveness
  • Preparing and putting into use a cost account in companies
  • Preparing emission prospects for The Polish Securities and Exchange Commission
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